Grave of Rachel Imeinu

Grave of Rachel Imeinu

Rachel was one of the four foremothers, Jacob’s wife and mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Unlike the other forefathers and foremothers, Rachel is not buried in the Cave of Machpelah.

The Zohar recounts that when the Jews will return from Exile, they will stand next to Rachel’s tomb and weep there, just as she wept over their exile from the Land of Israel. At that moment, Rachel will rejoice in them and in the Divine Presence.
Said the Holy One, blessed be He, “In Rachel’s merit, I will bring the children of Israel back home.”

Memorial date:

From Gilo Junction to Bethlehem. Freely Accessible.

The building found at Rachel’s tomb today was constructed in 1841 by Sir Moses Montefiore, who received a building permit from the Turkish Sultan. In 1967, after the Jews regained control over Rachel’s tomb, changes and improvements were made to accommodate the large number of visitors. An especially impressive crowd arrives on the memorial day of Rachel Imeinu, 11 Heshvan.

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