Grave of Moshe Ben Maimon

Grave of Moshe Ben Maimon

Considered by many as the greatest post-Talmudic scholar of the Jewish people, he was foremost among the shapers of religious law. He was also one of the most important philosophers of the Middle Ages; was a scientist, researcher, and physician; and was a leader of the Jewish communities of Egypt. Rambam was a spiritual giant whose influence spread far beyond his time and place.

The popular saying clearly expresses his stature: “From Moses to Moses, there was no one like Moses.” From Moses the lawgiver to R. Moses ben Maimon, there was no sage as great as the Rambam.
On 20 Tevet 1204, Rambam passed away in Brody during a fundraising trip to print his commentary on tractates Zera’im, Berachot and Pe’ah of the Jerusalem Talmud. Before his death, he instructed his son Abraham to bury him not in Egypt, but in Eretz Israel.

Memorial dates:
20 Tevet

In the center of Tiberias, near the central bus station

Next to him they buried the remains of his father (who died in 1166), his son Abraham, and his grandson David the Nagid (who died in 1292).
On the roof of the tomb there is a structure of iron beams in the shape of a fire. This structure can be seen from all directions from the city of Tiberias.

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