Israel Holy Places

Throughout the generations, in times of need, Jews traditionally go pray by the holy graves of tzadikim, begging them to intercede on their behalf. It is well known that our prayers have extra power when we beseech Hashem from israel holy places.

It is common practice to light a candle at a tzadik’s burial place, and implore Hashem to answer our payers in their merit.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to go in person to the sacred graves of tzadikim to have their prayers answered.

Holy Places

That is precisely where we come in. We at Israel Holy Places will pray specifically for you in your crucial time of need. We will light a candle in your name, and give over your explicit request at the site of your choice.

Furthermore, we will feature a live video, enabling you to actually participate in this unique and momentous opportunity.

We wish you and your families much success and happiness.

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  1. pinchas baram

    since when is tel aviv the place where shimon bar yochai is buried??!


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